Biosecurity 2025

The Minister for Primary Industries launched the Biosecurity 2025 – Direction Statement on 22 November 2016. The Direction Statement presents a high-level roadmap for how New Zealanders will collectively future-proof New Zealand’s biosecurity system through to 2025 and beyond. Biosecurity 2025 sets out important goals around raising awareness and knowledge in biosecurity management; taking action; ensuring Māori participation, enhancing collaboration, and developing and utilising the best tools, rules and processes.

There are five Strategic Directions:

  • A biosecurity team of 4.7 million
  • A toolbox for tomorrow
  • Smart, free-flowing information
  • Effective leadership and governance
  • Tomorrow’s skills and assets.

Playing our part

OSPRI believes Biosecurity 2025 provides an essential framework for the continued success and resilience of New Zealand's biosecurity system for managing the ongoing and growing threat from pests and diseases to New Zealand’s environment and economy.

OSPRI has an important contribution to make to each of the five strategic directions presented in Biosecurity 2025 and can apply its experience of working in partnership with government, industry, farmers, iwi and local communities to achieve these stated aims.

The company's delivery of the TBfree and NAIT programmes and its capability in animal health, traceability and biosecurity, means the organisation is uniquely placed to work collaboratively with biosecurity partners to start implementing the strategy.

OSPRI has committed to supporting the cross-sector steering group that is overseeing the development of the implementation framework to deliver Biosecurity 2025. We also expect to actively participate in and contribute to the work of the five working groups established to develop the detail for the five strategic directions.