Completed Operations

Individual factsheets for all completed TBfree programme aerial possum control operation within the past 12 months are provided.These include key details about the operations, such as timings, the area's TB history and operational maps. To find out more about our other TBfree programme operations, such as ground control and wildlife surveillance, please read the appropriate TB management area notice by using our interactive map.

Aerial Operations completed 2018

North Island:

Pihanga/Kakaramea North


Northern Remutaka

South Island:

Clarence Reserve

Paparoa Range






Timaru Creek

Karamea Bluffs

Stormy Ridge


Once an aerial operation is complete, a range of post-operational activity takes place. The first significant rain breaks down any residual baits into harmless substances and tracks or other areas of high public use within the baited area are checked and cleared where required. The post-operation period will depend on weather conditions and the rate at which the bait and carcasses break down. Warning signs can be removed once the bait and carcasses have broken down. Find out more in our After the Drop: What Happens Once Toxic Baits are on the Ground Factsheet.

One year after an operation has been completed, the post-operational report is published at the Environmental Protection Agency's website. Please find historical reports at