Buying livestock from a movement control area

It is important that you check whether your property or the property from which you are purchasing stock or receiving grazers is within an MCA. Have a look at this interactive map to find out.

If it is, cattle or deer over 90 days old must have a pre-movement test within 60 days prior to being moved. Stock going direct to slaughter do not need a pre-movement test.

To arrange a pre-movement test, cattle farmers should call 0800 482 4636. Deer farmers should call their TB testing provider. You need to give 14 days notice.

In certain circumstances, such as after short-term grazing in an MCA, exemptions to pre-movement testing are allowed. Phone 0800 482 4636 to apply for an official exemption.

Additional conditions apply to movements from herds with an infected status and for some herds with a suspended status.