Registering an event

An event that will be hosting NAIT animals must be registered in the NAIT system and receive an event NAIT number. This NAIT number will be used by PICAs to record animal movements to and from the event to indicate that their animal had been at the event for a period of time.

To register your event with NAIT you will need to make contact with the OSPRI contact centre and provide the following detail about the event:

  • Your contact details as the event organiser
  • The location of the event
  • The dates that the event will take place
  • You will then be provided with your event NAIT number.

An annual or regular event may use the same event NAIT number, but the dates of the event must be declared to NAIT.

The event organiser is not required to register as a PICA. The PICA sending animals to an event remains the registered PICA for these animals while they are at the event and is responsible for recording all animal movements to/from the event.

To register an event, call the OSPRI contact centre on 0800 482 463