Roles and responsibilities

Meat processors play an important role in the NAIT system which relies on prompt and accurate information being provided to NAIT about the animals at the point of slaughter to ensure full traceability of the animal to their premises of origin.

A meat processor that is receiving NAIT animals is responsible for recording the following information in the NAIT system:

As an organisation that handles NAIT animals, Meat Processor organisations have the option to become accredited as an entity dealing with animals under section 20  with the NAIT organisation. Some benefits of becoming accredited with NAIT include:

  • The ability to record movements on behalf of your clients
  • Nominate an organisation administrator who is able to manage the PICA and PICA delegate accounts and organisation details held in NAIT
  • The ability to manage and build systems to meet the animal movement reporting obligations on behalf of separate trading locations

The Accreditation Standard sets out information that must be provided including accurate location details, number of clients, estimated numbers of animals handled, responsibility for submission of NAIT data and requirements for accurate and timely data submission and people capability to deliver this.

Learn more about the application process here.

Click here to download the NAIT Accredited Entities - Meat Processor Responsibilities factsheet.