Your NAIT obligations as a lifestyle farmer

If you manage cattle or deer on a lifestyle block it is critical you register them and your property in the NAIT online system.

Whether you have a dozen animals or even just one, as a PICA [person in charge of animals] you are legally obligated to update your NAIT account and contact details. 

If you have recently become a lifestyle block owner and intend to manage cattle or deer please register here

Lifestyle block owners who choose to ignore their NAIT obligations - will be subject to fines or enforcement. Failing to register as a PICA [person in charge of animals] will incur a fine of $800.


  1. Confirm with the seller that the calves have been correctly tagged and are registered in the NAIT online system.
  2. Ask the seller for an Animal Status Declaration form (ASD). This form should be exchanged with the animals at the point of sale.
  3. When the calves arrive, read their NAIT tag numbers visually, or electronically with a scanner. You will need this information to record or confirm a movement in your NAIT account.
  4. Record a receiving movement.

 As a lifestyle farmer and person in charge of animals (PICA):

  • You must be registered with NAIT.
  • Register the location(s) where your animals are kept.
  • All your livestock and deer must be tagged and registered in NAIT within 180 days of birth or before their first movement off the property they were born on, whichever comes first.
  • Any animal movements to or from your location must be recorded in the NAIT online system within 48 hours.
  • Your contact details and animal information must be kept up to date. This includes recording all on-farm deaths and home kills.


This video animation provides a step by step guide on your NAIT obligations as a lifestyle farmer: 

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Animal registration FAQs

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