Roles and responsibilities

Have you updated your NAIT account? 

From February 2019, NAIT users now use an interactive map to register a NAIT location. This has been developed in response to recommendations made under the NAIT review and feedback from NAIT users.

The interactive map uses Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) land parcel boundaries. This helps NAIT users to accurately identify and select the land parcels within a 10km radius that make up their NAIT location.

As a result of this upgrade, we need all existing NAIT users to update their user registration details and NAIT location details using the LINZ land parcel information.

What do you need to do?

Just follow the comprehensive guide to updating your registration details or watch our video tutorial


Your responsibilities as a PICA

A person in charge of animals (PICA), is responsible for providing information to NAIT about themselves, the animals they are in charge of and the farm locations at which their animals are kept.

The following animation video, outlines the five actions all PICA farmers must undertake to meet their NAIT requirements. 


Find out more about using an information provider to assist with your PICA responsibilities here.

Are your animals NAIT compliant? Click here for more information on Compliance Summary reports