Register your location

Once you have registered as a PICA, you must register the location(s) where you are in charge of NAIT animals. This is known as a NAIT location and helps us to identify where your animals are. Your registered NAIT location will be assigned a unique NAIT number.

  • If you are the PICA for multiple properties that all fall within a 10km radius, you will be able to register these as the same NAIT location, this means they can use the same NAIT number.
  • If any of your farming locations fall outside of the parameters of the circle, (e.g. the blue farm below), you will need to register each NAIT location individually and have a separate NAIT number for each location. This means you will need to record movements if your animals move between your farms.

We use Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) land parcel data to identify NAIT locations. When registering your NAIT number, you will select the location(s) where you are in charge of animals from an interactive map.

Click here to view the NAIT number allocation factsheet.

The following animation video explains the ‘10km rule’ for PICAs and your options for NAIT location registration - when you have more than one property.  

Moving Farms

If you move farms you cannot take your NAIT number with you. You will need to register a new NAIT location and will be assigned a new NAIT number. A movement must be recorded for any animals that move with you. If you use an information provider, remember to advise them of your new NAIT number.

If you require an update to your registered farm location for any other reason, please click here to download the application form.

Click here to learn more about using the NAIT system to register a NAIT number.

Change of PICA

If there is a change of PICA for a herd, the departing PICA can apply to change the PICA for their NAIT number. This means that the new PICA will be able to continue to use the same NAIT number and can view the animal and movement history recorded for the NAIT location.

Click here to download a PICA change application form.

More than one PICA at a location

If there is more than one person in charge of animals at a location;

  • Each PICA must register the NAIT location
  • Each PICA will have a NAIT number for the location
  • The animals must be kept physically separate

More information?

NAIT location FAQs here