Register with NAIT

PICA farmer

The registered PICA for a group of NAIT animals must be the person most involved with the animals on a day to day basis. The PICA may or may not be the owner of the stock they manage.

If you are a person in charge of NAIT animals (cattle or deer), you must register with NAIT as a PICA, even if you have only one animal.

Registering with NAIT will create a user profile, providing you with the ability to log into the NAIT online system to fulfil your NAIT requirements.

As a PICA you must also register the locations you manage where NAIT animals are kept. Each location will be assigned a unique NAIT number.

There can only be one registered PICA for a group of NAIT animals at a location however the PICA may nominate delegates to assist them with their obligations. See below for more information.

If you are the new PICA for a location with an established NAIT number, you can apply to have the existing NAIT number assigned to you. Download a PICA change application form or call the OSPRI contact centre.

Click here to download the NAIT Online System - New User Quick Start Guide.

Click here to register as a PICA in the NAIT online system.


PICA delegate

While there can only be one registered PICA for a group of NAIT animals at a location, the PICA can nominate one or more delegate to their account that may also be assisting in the management of their livestock.

Overall account maintenance and record keeping remains the primary responsibility of the PICA as the person with obligations under the NAIT Act.

Click here for more information about PICA delegates