Recording movements

A NAIT movement declaration means the movement of animals from one NAIT location to another. The traceability of the livestock relies on accurate and timely provision of animal movement data by the PICAs to the NAIT system, to identify the current and historic NAIT location(s) of individual animals.

It is a legal requirement for a PICA to record all movements of NAIT animals on and off their registered NAIT location(s) in the NAIT online system. This includes temporary livestock movements such as grazing cattle, service bulls, or animals sent to events.

NAIT animals that are not tagged with a NAIT approved RFID tag cannot move to a different NAIT location (exemptions apply under the NAIT Act. See ‘Movement exemptions’ for more details).

Both the sending PICA and receiving PICA have an equal responsibility to ensure their side of the animal movement is completed, within 48 hours after the day in which the movement occurs:

  • A PICA sending NAIT animals must record a sending movement when NAIT animals leave their NAIT location and must confirm the receiving movement created by the receiving PICA;
  • A PICA receiving NAIT animals must record a receiving movement when NAIT animals arrive at their NAIT location and must confirm the sending movement created by the sending PICA.

Click here to download the NAIT Animal Movements factsheet.

Recording a movement

The information required when recording a sending or receiving livestock movement is as follows;

  • The NAIT number at the location the animals have moved from; (origin)
  • The NAIT number at the location the animals have moved to; (destination)
  • The date the animals moved;
  • The individual RFID or NAIT visual ID tag numbers of the animals moved.

If you’re unable identify the correct NAIT number for the location you have moved animals to or from, contact OSPRI. We can assist you with identifying the NAIT number and recording the movement.

Confirming a movement

If the other PICA has already recorded their side of the movement, you will be presented with a movement to confirm in your NAIT online account

  • Check that the details are correct before confirming the movement;
  • You can reject or partially reject a movement if the tag numbers or details are incorrect;
  • You can amend the date to reflect when the animals arrived on or were sent from your property.

You must confirm the movement within 48 hours after the day on which the movement occurred.