Movement exemptions

Movements to accredited entities

A PICA is not required to create a sending movement when moving animals to a NAIT accredited entity operating as a meat processor or saleyard. Accredited entities have a responsibility to complete this movement on behalf of the sending PICA.

If a PICA receives animals from an accredited entity, they must confirm or record the receiving movement in the NAIT online system, within 48 hours of the movement taking place. For example, farmers purchasing from saleyards are required to complete their receiving movement to confirm animals received onto their property.

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Movements of animals exempt from tagging

Fallow deer and trophy stags moving to a game estate, safari park or zoo are exempt from NAIT tagging and registration requirements. However, as a condition of the exemption, the sending and receiving PICAs must record exempt animal movements in the NAIT online system.

Calves under 30 days old consigned direct to slaughter (bobby calves), are exempt from tagging and movement requirements.

A PICA is exempt from the obligation to tag a NAIT animal, if the PICA decides that it is impracticable to fit a NAIT device to the animal. Impractical to tag (ITT) animals must only move direct to a meat processor and will incur an ITT levy of $13 (excl. gst) per head.