Information providers

An information provider is a person or organisation, accredited by NAIT Limited to submit information required under the NAIT Act, on behalf or in lieu of PICAs or PICA delegates.

Why use an information provider?

  • Using the services of an information provider can reduce duplication in record keeping and maintenance and provide administrative efficiencies.
  • Information providers can assist individual farmers that do not have required internet access and administrative support, or lack computer knowledge or the required scanning equipment, to fulfil their NAIT obligations.

What does an information provider do?

Information providers can, on behalf of the PICA;

  • Register PICA
  • Register locations
  • Register animals
  • Record movements
  • Maintain account details

When using an accredited information provider to submit information to NAIT, the obligation to comply with PICA requirements under the NAIT Act, remains with the designated PICA.

To ensure that the information submitted to NAIT by an information provider is true and correct, PICA are encouraged to keep track of events recorded by their information provider by logging into their NAIT account to confirm the details are correct and monitoring automated email notifications received from the NAIT online system.

If a PICA identifies incorrect updates have been made in their account by their information provider, they should contact them in the first instance to have the issue resolved. Alternatively, the PICA may contact the OSPRI contact centre to follow up on their behalf.

If a PICA identifies that an information provider has been assigned to their account without their permission, the information provider can be removed from their account and the PICA should notify OSPRI for investigation.

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