Mycoplasma bovis

OSPRI has actively been supporting the Government's Mycoplasma bovis eradication programme providing data on livestock movements and assisting with surveillance of animals and associated properties. 

Had there not been a traceability system like NAIT, the response and management of the Mycoplasma bovis would have been difficult.

The Mycoplasma bovis outbreak has demonstrated how important NAIT is, where good records have been kept, the tracing of animals has been much faster and easier, benefiting the response and the affected farmers.

In late 2019, OSPRI extended its disease management activities to help the Mycoplasma bovis eradication programme identify at-risk properties and where to focus control efforts.

Bulk tank milk testing

National screening of bulk tank milk (BTM) is an important component of the Mycoplasma bovis eradication programme. Results of this surveillance provide assurance that infection is not widespread outside already identified farms.

Dairy farmers if they choose, can log into their NAIT account to find out their bulk tank milk screening results. Note, only non-detect results will be posted to NAIT.

MPI will send out forms to all farmers who have a dairy supply number (DSN). To get access to your 'non-detect' screening results for Mycoplasma bovis, you will need to

  • Ensure you have recorded the DSN in your NAIT account
  • Ensure your details are up to date in NAIT
  • Complete the authorisation on the reverse page, sign, and date
  • Send completed form to OSPRI for verification either via return email or by using the enclosed reply paid envelope.

Non-detect results will be securely stored in the NAIT database and will be displayed only to NAIT users, who have access to the NAIT number provided on the consent form. This includes the registered Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) farmer and any delegates associated with this NAIT number. 

Any other organisations or information providers who have been granted access to the NAIT account will not have access to this information.

Bulk tank milk ELISA test results reflect herd status at a particular point in time. Results become less meaningful as time elapses. For this reason, currently, the NAIT system is designed to display the current and previous two non-detect screening results associated with each dairy supply number.

General enquiries about bulk tank milk testing will be referred to MPI.

More information

For assistance with your NAIT account (setting up an account, logging in, updating details, verifying dairy supply number) contact OSPRI on Freephone 0800 482 463 between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

For the bulk tank milk screening programme, please contact the Mycoplasma bovis programme’s Liaison team on:

Please note that while your dairy processor supports national screening of bulk tank milk, they do not have any visibility of test results or the frequency of screening. For any technical questions you have about the programme or test results, please contact the Mycoplasma bovis Programme’s Liaison team on the details provided above.