This file is used to upload a list of animals on your property. The system will then process the information and update their NAIT account automatically:

  • Animals not registered will be auto-registered (no birth date, birth location added so will not be lifetime traceable)
  • Animal status updated from missing/dead/exported to alive
  • Animals with pending movements confirmed
  • Animals not on the right NAIT number will be moved (like a fast forward to the right location)
  • Animals with tags that have a lost/damaged status will not be processed (identified with call to action to phone the contact centre)
  • Animals with invalid tags will not be process but identified

It will not identify animals that were not scanned. For example, if you have 500 animals on-farm that were scanned and included in the stocktake but still have 600 registered in your NAIT account, the system won’t do anything with or identify the extra 100. However animals that are included in a stocktake will have a ‘last stocktake date’ included in their records.

Your CSV file will need to include all of the column headings, in the correct order. This includes headings for optional columns you are leaving blank.

Download a template





NAIT Number

Must be a valid NAIT number.



This is the unique 16 character code that relates to the NAIT tag. This information is read with a scanner as part of stocktake, or can be manually entered where the scanner has not picked it up.

Examples that will be accepted include:

  • 00000 0 982 000196588496

  • 942 000002422333

  • 982 000161531687

  • 0982000190869343

  • 0982 000190869343


External Record Id

You can choose to enter a reference number of your own, e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4. This will make it easier for you to identify which record (row of your spreadsheet) is incorrect if you make a mistake in your CSV.

Stocktake checklist:
  • Make sure the file you upload is recent and no animals have left your property since scanning.
  • Your file should only include live animals - not tags sitting in your shed.
  • If you have more than one NAIT number, make sure the file has the correct NAIT number for where the animals actually are.
  • A stocktake cannot be reversed, so make sure the information is accurate.
  • Remember to download the results file for your future reference.