Becoming an accredited organisation

The accreditation of companies that deal with NAIT animals is an important part of the NAIT scheme as it removes some of the compliance burden from the PICA farmer.

The accreditation process is designed to ensure that all companies or entities that handle NAIT data and perform NAIT actions on behalf of themselves or other users are compliant with the NAIT Accreditation Standards for Information Providers and Accredited entities.

The Accreditation standard is designed to manage the NAIT system integrity and performance, provision of data access, information verification and compliance processes.

Section 20 of the NAIT act sets out the steps to become accredited, these are also outlined below in detail.

Types of accreditation

There are multiple types of accreditation that can be granted and each type will allow your company to perform different actions. Depending on the needs of your company, you will be assigned one or more of these accreditation types at the completion of your application.

Information Provider

  • This allows you to perform any NAIT actions on behalf of a PICA farmer. These actions include but are not limited to; Animal registration, movement creation and Animal update.
  • You will need to establish a relationship with each NAIT number in the NAIT system, this is how you tell us which NAIT numbers you have a contract with and are allowed to act on behalf of.
  • This sample template is available for the contract required by Clause 6 of the NAIT Standard for Accreditation of Information Providers. It may be used as a template to be amended; a set of standard conditions to 'port' into another agreement; a stand-alone contract; or an annex to an overarching agreement.

Movement Exemption

  • This accreditation type allows a sale yard or a meat processor account to bypass the two legged movement system and create a one legged movement from a PICA Farmer to the processor or sale yard NAIT number.
  • The PICA farmer does not need to confirm the movement in the case of a movement exemption receiving movement being created. The movement will be confirmed straight away and the animals will be moved to your sale yard or processor location.

Tag Manufacturer

  • This accreditation type allows tag manufacturers to enquire, reserve and upload tag orders as is required in the device standards. These functions are not available to any account that does not have this accreditation.

Steps to become accredited

The process required to become an accredited organisation is set to change following the introduction of new NAIT standards. As a result, applications are on hold pending updates to the accreditation application process.