Requesting information

You can request information from NAIT using the data access request form.

Applications to access non-personal information may be approved if it is for one of the purposes set out in section 40 of the NAIT Act. We will not grant any direct access to the NAIT database, except for the Crown or an approved agency fulfilling a purpose under the NAIT Act. 

In some cases, a data request will need to be assessed by our data access panel. The members have specialist experience and knowledge of the livestock industry and privacy law.

See who's on the data access panel

Completed data access request forms should be sent to 

Click here to download the How to Access NAIT Data factsheet

Making a complaint to the panel

If an applicant is dissatisfied with decisions or determinations by the Administrator or determinations by the Panel in accordance with section 50 of the NAIT Act 2012 they can lodge a complaint to the panel.

For more information and details about how to make a complaint please see the NAIT Data Access Complaints Procedure document. 

Past requests

Significant data requests are published in our annual report each year, to meet our requirements under the NAIT Act.

2017/2018 requests

2016/2017 requests

2015/2016 requests

2014/2015 requests

2013/2014 requests

The data access panel held three meetings and received two applications during the year. No conditions were placed on the applications for which data was granted and no complaints were received.

  1. Dairy industry animal welfare modelling

    Request: Animal registration and movement information
    Determination: Declined without consent from individuals concerned

  2. Regional water planning

    Request: Number of animals per farm or water catchment in region
    Determination: Granted at water catchment level

2012/2013 requests

The NAIT data access panel received four applications and held two meeting in the year to June 2013. Three applications were of an industry good nature and one was a police production order. Three applications were granted and one was declined. No conditions were placed on the applications for which data was granted and no complaints were received. 

  1. National livestock freight study

    Request: Aggregate livestock movements between regions by origin and destination type
    Determination: Granted (regional livestock movement was released without identifying the origin and destination types)

  2. Farmer health and safety assessments

    Request: Farmer contact details
    Determination: Declined

  3. Investigation into stock theft

    Request: Tag usage and animal movement information
    Determination: Granted

  4. Clifford Bay project

    Request: Aggregate inter-island livestock movements for the year
    Determination: Granted