NAIT system upgrade improves livestock data integrity

Date 24 January 2020

What is changing? 

  • You can now declare unsafe to tag animals moving to slaughter in your NAIT account. 
  • You can now make updates to the animals you have received if they die on farm, go missing, or lose a tag.
  • You can no longer record a movement to and from the same NAIT number. 

Why are these changes happening?

The ‘unsafe to tag’ exemption replaced the ‘impracticable to tag’ exemption in December 2019. To meet the conditions of the unsafe to tag exemption, a declaration must be made in NAIT before the animal is sent. Click here to find out more.

Not being able to update animals you have received has been a pain point for farmers wanting to make updates to their brought-in animals when the sender hasn’t played their part. Farmers that are sending animals off farm are required to record a sending movement in NAIT, but any inaction shouldn’t prevent the receiver from fulfilling their own NAIT requirements. 

And finally, you can no longer record a movement to and from the same NAIT number as there is no requirement to record animals moving within the same NAIT location.