We’re making some important changes to NAIT

Date 31 January 2019

In response to recommendations from the NAIT review and feedback from NAIT users, we’re making some important changes to the system that affect how user and location information is provided.


What’s changing?

  • To register a NAIT location, PICAs will now use an interactive map to accurately identify and select land parcels within a 10km radius. The map uses Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) information to identify land parcels, thereby increasing the accuracy compared to the existing process.
  • A new, simplified registration form helps us to gather key user and location information. New fields include; preferred contact methods, herd enterprise type, and the ability to provide the number of other species present at a location.
  • PICA farmers can now register a delegate user for their NAIT number. This simplifies the delegate registration and assignment process as one easy flow.


How will these changes affect you?

As a result of this change, from February 4, 2019 we need all NAIT users to update their user registration and NAIT location details.

This must be completed by March 31, 2019.

Updating your details is straightforward and ensures that the information you provide about the location(s) at which your animals are kept is accurate.


What do I need to do?

Check out our quick guide to updating your registration details for all you need to know. 


Why are these changes important?

Where accurate records have been maintained for registered NAIT locations and the animals kept there, the tracing of animals and their movements has been faster and easier. This has proved beneficial towards the Government and industry’s Mycoplasma bovis response.

Re-selecting the land parcels that make up your NAIT location will help us to build effective traceability by precisely identifying the locations where NAIT animals are kept. The new interactive map tool makes it easier for NAIT users to provide the information in the first instance.

Ensuring your contact information is up to date means we will be able to get in touch with you in the event of an incursion response.


Need help?

Contact us, or visit us at an upcoming event.