Update on the NAIT review

Date 26 January 2018

A review of the NAIT programme started in 2016. The review’s preliminary work has been overseen by a steering committee, with members from Beef+LambNZ, Dairy NZ, DCANZ, Deer Industry New Zealand, Federated Farmers, Meat Industry Association, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and OSPRI.

The steering committee have had the support of a technical user group of farmers, government and industry representatives, who have looked at all aspects of the NAIT programme operation.

NAIT was set up in 2012 to rapidly and accurately trace animals from birth to slaughter or live export. It is a government/industry partnership. NAIT is implemented by management agency OSPRI New Zealand and MPI oversees on legislative and regulatory matters.

The NAIT review has considered a wide range of topics, ranging from animal location and animal movement recording, assignment of NAIT number, tag readability, replacement and retention, tag visual coding, new tag technologies, the roles and responsibilities of user groups under the NAIT legislation, NAIT system enhancements, user experience, exemptions and their implications, compliance, education and existing regulatory provisions.

The recommendations are currently being finalised for wider consultation and focus on:

  • retaining accurate animal location and tracing information while making it easier for NAIT system users to fulfil their obligations;
  • clarifying roles, responsibilities and standards applying to user groups and agencies for the NAIT system;
  • improving design and usability aspects of NAIT; and
  • improving farmer and industry uptake and utilisation of and compliance with the NAIT programme.

To ensure NAIT is fit for purpose and user-friendly, farmers and industry representatives will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed recommendations resulting from the NAIT review. All farmers, industry supply chain representatives, commercial industry businesses and enterprises, agencies and interested parties are strongly encouraged to get involved and have their say on the recommended changes to NAIT.

Further details about the review recommendations and consultation will be made available in the coming months.


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