TB programme explainer: Risk Based Pest Control

Date 24 August 2018

Risk Based Pest Control is the second in a series of animations about how the TBfree programme managed by OSPRI works to eradicate bovine TB from wildlife.

This animated video explains the science behind one of the key aspects of TBfree programme design. It’s supported by a factsheet available on the OSPRI website for download and sharing.

Possums are the proven maintenance host of TB in wildlife and pass on the disease to farmed cattle and deer. To support the target of eradicating TB from New Zealand by 2055, bovine TB needs to be removed from possums by 2040.

The risk-based approach allows these targets to be delivered efficiently on a reduced budget so that the programme can ensure a TB-free future for generations to come.

The Risk Based Pest Control video follows on from Proving Freedom from TB published recently.

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