Supporting MPI’s M bovis response

Date 29 May 2018

OSPRI committed to supporting Government approach to animal traceability

Keeping your NAIT records up to date isn’t just a legislative obligation – it is a vital part of your role in protecting New Zealand’s biosecurity.

OSPRI continues to assist the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in the Mycoplasma bovis disease response, using the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) scheme to provide trace-back and reporting of movements of animals on and off the properties.

Each and every farm having up-to-date and accurate NAIT records remains an important aspect for responding to a biosecurity risk or disease outbreak. Where records are not maintained more time and effort is required to try to identify and trace where animals have come and gone from, slowing down the overall response activity. Where NAIT users are keeping records up to date, the NAIT system has provided the ability to report against these to support the disease response.

Personnel involved in disease response activities utilise NAIT records to assist in informing the determination of infected animals or properties, tracing infected animals and cohorts, monitoring movements and applying movement controls, assigning statuses and treatments and applying resourcing.

OSPRI chief executive Michelle Edge said ‘OSPRI and NAIT has responded as needed to support Government and the system is performing is it was intended to in order to inform the response activities being implemented by Government.

‘That is the role of the programme – to support government in livestock tracing in identification of livestock and premises.’

Ms Edge says it is important to understand that NAIT can only provide data recorded in the system. Since NAIT is a supporting system for a wider disease response and biosecurity management framework of activities, we encourage industry to support and comply with NAIT to ensure we are all able to respond to biosecurity risks effectively and efficiently.

‘What we need to do is continue to strengthen the NAIT system and encourage people to better use and utilise the system for its ongoing support of future biosecurity incursions’.

‘Looking to the future, there will be a range of outcomes that will result from this recent response, including recognition of role of traceability to support the wider biosecurity response framework, and ensuring its utilisation by the livestock and farming community in order to benefit if facing any future biosecurity or disease risks,’ Ms Edge said.

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