Registering all farm locations in NAIT is essential

Date 30 August 2018

As a fundamental aspect of the NAIT programme and for the sake of effective livestock traceability, people in charge of animals (PICAs) must register all their farm locations says OSPRI.

If you own more than one farm or have multiple properties, it is your legal obligation make sure these locations are recorded in the NAIT online system. Thereafter, respective locations are assigned unique NAIT numbers, which identifies you as the PICA at that location.

The Hopkins Farming Group (HFG) oversees the operation of 10 dairy farms and 3 drystock blocks, accounting for around 8,500 animals.

Farm manager Shawn Southee looks after Waihora farm and says HFG takes pride in being ‘proactive and not reactive’ when addressing their NAIT requirements.

“All HFG farm managers are assigned as PICAs at the farms they run. We have a policy here where each farm has its own unique NAIT number.

“As managers we have sole responsibility for the animals we are in charge off. This involves tagging and registering livestock for the purpose of tracing the locations they’ve been previously hosted at or going to.

“When a farm manager moves on, they leave the NAIT number with the location and the incoming manager is then assigned with this NAIT number. This is a standard requirement that works well for our business and is best practice for effective livestock traceability,” says Shawn.

Traceability, after-all starts at the farm-gate. To ensure New Zealand’s status as a safe food producer and to maintain our reputation for product integrity, all farms or properties hosting animals should be locatable with a NAIT number.

A significant part of HFG’s business is rearing calves and they have a strict policy when it comes to trading, “If you can’t supply a NAIT location number, you won’t be able to buy any calves from an HFG operated farm,” says Shawn.

In the event of a biosecurity incursion or livestock disease response, knowing an animal’s movement and where they originated is essential to the management and effectiveness of an emergency animal disease response.

A NAIT location otherwise can be more than one property and this is determined by whether all your properties are in the proximity of a 10km radius.

If you have one or more property located outside a 10km radius you must register a separate NAIT number for each farm. This means you will need to record all livestock movements if your animals move between your farms.

However, if all your properties fall within a 10km radius, you can register these locations under the same NAIT number. It is best practice that herds managed separately are registered as different NAIT locations with each having unique NAIT numbers.
OSPRI believes this approach will assist the Government and industry to better trace and contain a disease outbreak that may occur now, or in the future.

More information on registering your farm location here

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