Refreshed Health and Safety strategy launched

Date 26 April 2018

OSPRI launches a refreshed Health and Safety strategy to a conference of some of the company’s 300 contractors in Palmerston North today.

Health and Safety 2020 refreshes the OSPRI commitment to best-practice H&S management as a vital priority of the company’s overall strategic plan and a blueprint for refining a safety culture.

The overall strategy is based on four cornerstones, all action-oriented and all fundamental aspects of maturing health and safety systems and practice. The strategies are:

  1. Ensure workers and leaders have the capability to work safely and efficiently
  2. Collaborate with workers, suppliers and stakeholders
  3. Understand and effectively control critical risks
  4. Build confidence that we proactively manage health and safety

There is a supporting annual activity plan and an expectation that OSPRI 120 staff and 300 contractors take responsibility for ensuring their personal and collective health and safety.

OSPRI Health and Safety lead James Knapp says: “Our immediate priority is to reduce the potential for serious injury or death, and we’ll be concentrating our efforts on tasks and situations that give rise to ‘critical risk’ – such as driving vehicles, working remotely and engaging with the public."

The OSPRI Health and Safety Strategy to 2020 is available online and explained this short H&S 2020 Animation:

OSPRI Health Safety Strategy 2020

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