Part-time farmers and lifestylers must register in NAIT

Date 29 March 2019

There has been plenty of interest with NAIT registration at the recent Central Districts Field days with all types of farmers coming forward to update their NAIT accounts.

Lifestyle farmer Tony Watson was one of several hundred site visitors who decided to get his NAIT account back on track after visiting the OSPRI stand.

“It only took a few minutes and the NAIT person that helped was very approachable and personable.

“To be honest, I wasn’t intending on stopping by the OSPRI exhibit, but they offered to check my account and pointed out I needed to update some things after leasing land that has since been sold on,” says Tony.

Based west of Christchurch, Mr Watson runs a small farming enterprise with around 80 cattle grazed for finishing. Sarah, his wife, looks after the NAIT records and they are registered as one NAIT location.

Updating your contact details and declaring all farm locations in NAIT is the primary purpose for NAIT re-registration and this is mandatory for all farmers, PICAs (persons in charge of animals) including lifestylers.

“There are no excuses not to get your NAIT account up to date. If the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak isn’t a wake-up call for anyone with livestock, I don’t know what is. If you’re farming on any scale, small or large, and you aren’t doing your NAIT, you should be really questioning your place in the industry,” says Tony.

Since the Mycoplasma outbreak, the tracing of animals and their movements has been faster and easier, where accurate records have been maintained for registered NAIT locations and the animals kept there.

Lifestyle or part-time farmers also had an obligation to ensure they were meeting their NAIT requirements. Whether you have a dozen animals or just one, they must be tagged and registered online in NAIT.

“I think maybe lifestylers underestimate that agriculture is a big and important industry to New Zealand and that they are part of it. Whether you’re a weekender or new to the game, it’s essential you register in NAIT for effective animal traceability and biosecurity preparedness,” says Tony.

Tony Watson2

Lifestyle farmer Tony Watson