OSPRI’S new approach to managing TB eradication

Date 11 July 2017

OSPRI has created a framework of TB Management Areas (TMAs) that set out activity plans at a local level for the purpose of eradicating bovine tuberculosis in New Zealand, and in has recently communicated the plans to farmers and interested landowners and occupiers nationally.

Pest management under the TB Plan will be delivered through a framework of more than 100 Tuberculosis Management Areas (TMAs) nationally, according to disease patterns, geographical features, control history, and future control needs. This will enable possum control and wildlife disease surveys to be planned and contracted efficiently, and will provide a local focus for communications and consultation with land occupiers, communities and groups interested in or affected by our operations. Each TMA has a planned target date for the eradication of TB.

Each year OSPRI will update and publish the plan for each TMA, which will describe pest control or wildlife survey work planned for the coming year, as well as providing a forward view of further work that will be required to achieve TB eradication.

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