OSPRI site attracts record crowds at Fieldays 2018

Date 29 June 2018

It was great to see such big numbers at our Mystery Creek site. It was record-breaking compared to previous years with plenty of farmer interest generated towards NAIT and TBfree requirements.

There were a number of technical questions as expected with tag retention and queries on what software was most compatible with NAIT. Find out all you need to know about tags here

NAIT compliance was also on farmers’ minds with various scenarios raised around meeting requirements and how to avoid not being compliant. Check out our frequently asked questions about compliance here. 

In terms of NAIT user ability there was specific enquiries about registering animals and how to create and confirm a movement.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of farmer curiosity expressed towards NAIT’s role with Mycoplasma bovis and how the livestock traceability system is assisting. The NAIT review also came up with farmers asking for updates on where the process was at and what changes may arise from it.

Finally, a big attraction was our annual livestock scanner prize draw. The OSPRI team reported huge interest from site visitors throughout the four days. Here are this year’s winners and the brands they took home.

Tru Test

Leslie Purdie, Mahoenui (King Country)

Allflex NZ

Naish Massey, Collingwood (near Nelson)


Lucy Drummond, Kaikohe (Far North)


Peter Jones, Matamata (Waikato)

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