OSPRI ready to support enhancing traceability framework

Date 18 May 2018

OSPRI is ready to support the government’s intentions to fast-track proposals to improve the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) system.

The Agriculture and Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor has announced that 23 of the 38 recommendations, outlined in the recent NAIT review, are to be “implemented promptly”.

OSPRI Chief Executive Michelle Edge says, “As the management agency for the NAIT programme, OSPRI is ready to assist the Minister with the necessary process and will be proactively working with him to implement the 23 recommendations.”

OSPRI also welcomed the minister’s intention to take a tougher approach to NAIT compliance.

“As stated in the NAIT review recommendations, compliance is essential and an integral aspect to the NAIT programme. Non-compliance however, is effectively eroding the effectiveness of the programme and its stated aims.

“It is clear that where the data has been up to date in the system, tracing has been effective. Therefore, the focus will remain in ensuring uptake and adherence by end users,” says Michelle Edge.

OSPRI and MPI have agreed on a NAIT compliance action plan and a tougher compliance approach will commence very shortly, as per Minister’s request.

“NAIT is more than just an online system – it is a framework that transverses the entire livestock supply chain and a number of end users, supporting not only biosecurity, but food safety and product integrity outcomes.

“This is the part of the ‘system’ that needs to be the focus going forward – the integration of NAIT as an activity in farming and enterprise daily businesses.”

In the meantime, OSPRI would continue to support the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) as they lead the disease response.

“We have provided more than 3000 reports to support trace-back activities to date and we will continue to support the response team.

“As our national livestock traceability system, NAIT is a key component of the broader biosecurity framework for the management of disease and food safety risks to food products,” says Michelle Edge.

OSPRI assure farmers, industry, processors and suppliers will be provided with the relevant information and resources to assist with making a submission towards any recommendations that are part of the NAIT review consultation.

For more details about the NAIT review see the NAIT Review Report.

Background and key information
The NAIT programme has been in place since 2012 and is funded by industry and Government. The individual animal identification and tracing scheme links people, property and livestock through its RFID tag identifiers, property registration, animal registration and recording of animal movements in an online national database to ensure the traceability and management of any disease outbreak or food safety incident.


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