OSPRI helping Southland farmers

Date 10 February 2020

OSPRI is extending the timeframe for flood-affected farmers in Southland (including Gore) - for declaring livestock movements in the NAIT system.

The intention is to provide relief to Southland farmers and their respective communities in what is a difficult time. The alternative time limits mean:

  • Farmers are obligated to declare movements of NAIT animals within 7 days of the end of the current state of emergency 

  • Farmers are obligated to report death or loss of NAIT animals within 21 days of the end of the current state of emergency

Farmers concerned about their NAIT obligations due to the floods. can call the OSPRI Contact Centre (0800 482 463)  for help or advice.

The OSPRI Extension Team otherwise will be at the Southern Field days this week (Feb 12- 14) at the main Pavillion site A91/A92.

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