OSPRI committed to working with local Central Otago communities

Date 15 August 2017

The postponement of the Alice Burn TBfree 1080 operation shows OSPRI’s ongoing commitment to working with communities to ensure their views and interests are addressed.

OSPRI Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Hall says, ‘The consultation process for the Alice Burn operation began in January 2017. ‘This involved consulting the Department of Conservation, landholders in the proposed operational area and Public Health South. However, during these discussions no parties were aware that that the public were using the water reservoir.’

An important step in OSPRI’s TBfree programme consultation process is direct notifications to landowners in operational areas. It was at the point when information packs were delivered to residents in Luggate that public use of the water was raised and as a result it was decided to postpone the operation.

Mr Hall says, ‘Despite the initial steps of our stakeholder engagement not revealing public use of the reservoir it is important that the latter stages of our consultation process ensured the local community had the opportunity to provide feedback.’
‘With the operation now postponed we will be in contact with local residents to address questions about the future of the operation and any concerns about impacts on private water supplies downstream.'

About the TBfree programme

OSPRI’s TBfree programme is working towards the complete eradication of bovine tuberculosis (TB) from New Zealand. The key goals of the programme are to eradicate TB from livestock by 2026, from possums by 2040 and from all hosts of the disease across the whole of New Zealand by 2055.

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