OSPRI Chief Executive resigns

Date 22 June 2018

Michelle Edge today announced “After a rewarding three years with OSPRI as Chief Executive, I have decided I will be moving on from the role by mid-September this year. I would like to provide acknowledgement and thanks to the OSPRI staff and Board of Directors, industry shareholders, MPI and DOC for their support and contributions during my time as Chief Executive. I consider that over the last 3 years, the company has achieved significant outcomes, including a complete restructure and change management and business improvement programme and achieved to maintain strong service delivery outcomes, significant developments in terms of its focus on its core programmes, TBfree and NAIT, the development of new initiatives and the confirmation of its Strategic Plan, despite the significant funding reduction.

Chairman Jeff Grant on behalf of the Board said “Michelle has made a big contribution to the reshaping of OSPRI since joining the Company. This included a restructuring of the TBfree programme and dealing with $20 million reduction of funding for TBfree. This required downsizing the business to better fit the requirements of risk based testing and the eventual eradication of TB in New Zealand. Michelle has played a major role in also ensuring the NAIT Review was completed which will see changes implemented that give a more usable system for the Industry and confidence in providing the intended outcomes when it was first set up”.

Michelle Edge also commented “The Company and both programmes have achieved excellent financial outcomes on behalf of levy and tax payers and improved its service efficiencies in the last 3 years and I believe the team have the capability to ensure these outcomes continue into the future. The Company is now well positioned to further the integration of livestock traceability with animal health management and national disease surveillance under its Strategic Plan and to deliver these initiatives in partnership with industry and government. I wish the OSPRI staff, Board of Directors, shareholders and stakeholders the best with the ongoing delivery and implementation of OSPRIs programmes.”

Chairman Jeff Grant said “The Board will be entering a recruitment process and Michelle will be staying on to ensure that a seamless handover will take place at the time of the new appointment”

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