OSPRI and MPI in joint initiative to improve NAIT compliance

Date 22 June 2018

OSPRI and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) are undertaking a joint initiative to ensure greater uptake and compliance with the National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) system.

This development follows a key recommendation outlined in the NAIT review for increased resources towards compliance enforcement and supports the role of the Government and industry in co-investment for the purpose of achieving improved NAIT compliance.

OSPRI has already provided customised reports for identifying account users not compliant with their NAIT obligations and has shared those with MPI, who is the lead agency for instigating on-site inspections and enforcement when necessary.

Michelle Edge, OSPRI Chief Executive, said “Our intention is to work with farmers, industry, suppliers and processors so that they meet their NAIT requirements. As stated in the NAIT review, compliance is essential and an integral aspect to the NAIT programme.

“Non-compliance however, is effectively eroding the effectiveness of the programme and its stated aims and, this has to be addressed.

“The immediate focus will be on those identified as multiple offenders over specific time periods, with letters issued warning them to comply,” says Ms. Edge.

Those identified as ‘reasonably’ complying with NAIT will be given the opportunity to improve their overall compliance record. Otherwise, enforcement action will be in steps:

  • OSPRI will provide reports to MPI for review and enforcement action
  • Following the issuance of notice to comply, OSPRI will monitor any changes in behavior in relation to NAIT obligations
  • If there are no changes towards improving NAIT compliance, OSPRI will provide supporting evidence to MPI and on-site inspections will be initiated by the Animal Welfare Inspectorate on behalf of MPI.

The initiative to improve NAIT compliance will also be supported by the regular presence of inspectorate at key verification points such as saleyards and meat processing plants.

NAIT users are advised to act accordingly if they receive notices to comply. If you need help with your NAIT account or advice about requirements please call OSPRI 0800 482 463.

A widespread extension and education campaign meanwhile has been developed and will be rolled out over the coming months in support of assisting industry end users.


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