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Date 7 October 2019

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Bull breeder says updating NAIT account essential

Peter Maxwell3

Bull breeder Peter Maxwell manages a bull stud in central Auckland. For effective bull management and traceability, he updates his NAIT account regularly.   

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Possum control: inside an aerial operations

Aerial operations make up only 10 percent of OSPRI’s possum control work, but they are the only effective way to eradicate TB from wildlife in difficult terrain. See what’s involved with this insider’s story

TB ops man at laptop2

Report a NAIT tag issue

OSPRI wants to hear from farmers and the wider industry who are having issues with NAIT RFID tags. You can now go directly to the OSPRI website to report a tag issue with this information sent to tag manufacturers and distributers.

Deer repellent baits for possum control

 Collared Deer2

OSPRI is constantly refining cereal baits used to control TB-spreading possums. To limit the by-kill of wild deer during aerial operations, a new deer repellent was tested in Marlborough during winter, and improved deer survival while removing 100% of possums.
Read about the repellent trial here.

NAIT upgrade improves accuracy of livestock movements

Bulls paddock looking

The NAIT system has undergone an important change to prevent incorrect animal movements being recorded. As a result, NAIT users can no longer record a movement for an animal that has been recorded as dead.

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TB slaughter levy changes for dairy industry

Dairy cow

The Differential Slaughter Levy (DSL) for the dairy industry has changed from $13 to $10. This follows a review of slaughter levies collected from the dairy industry. Whether a dairy or beef farmer it is important to update the animal production type in NAIT - prior to animals going off-farm or to slaughter.

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