New rules for using NAIT tags

Date 20 July 2020

From December 2020, PICAs will only be able to use NAIT tags at the specific NAIT location number they were issued for.

This development follows the NAIT Amendment Bill legislation and the focus on improving tag management for more effective animal traceability.

Farmers who intend to move farm after December 14 should use up any stockpiles of NAIT tags they have, as they will no longer be able to use them at another NAIT location number.

When ordering or purchasing NAIT tags, OSPRI recommends farmers plan accordingly and be diligent with estimating how many they need - especially if they plan to move in the future.

The new rules are expected to strengthen on-farm biosecurity and assist with the tracing of animals that have not been properly registered. It also brings New Zealand in line with international best practices for traceability.

Farmers who aren't planning to move or change their NAIT location number in the future can continue to use up old NAIT tags.

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