New rules for transportation of cattle and deer

Date 16 June 2020

What is changing?

From June 14, it will become an offence to transport an untagged animal - except for animals that have an unsafe to tag exemption.  

The offence does not apply to a transport operator carrying a paper or eASD declaration from the farmer that the animals being moved are tagged and registered in NAIT.

All farmers moving animals off-farm should be prepared to provide their transport operator with a paper or eASD declaration that animals are NAIT compliant.

To avoid delays, OSPRI advises farmers to:

  •       Check all animals are tagged and registered in NAIT
  •       Declare any unsafe to tag animals in NAIT and ensure the animals are clearly marked
  •       Fill in the declaration (paper or eASD) ready for your transporter to collect

How do I request a transporter declaration form?

You can request a book of ASD forms online here or call OSPRI 0800 482 463.

You can also request the Declaration to Livestock Transporters(DLT) forms if you’re still using old ASD books. Click here for an editable DLT form

The livestock transporter declaration will be included on the bottom of new ASD forms and can also be completed in the eASD application. 

Can I email my ASD declaration form to my transporter?

You can fill out an editable online ASD form. This must be sent or emailed to your transporter in advance of the animals leaving your farm.  Remember you must keep copies of all ASD forms that are sent or emailed.

Why is this necessary now?

This law has been introduced to reduce the number of untagged animals being moved without any accountability. It also aims to drive incentives for the tagging and registering of animals.

What about the livestock transporters?

The transporters are united on the new legislation following extensive consultation throughout the country with members and farmers. The universal advice is not to transport animals unless they receive a completed paper ASD or eASD declaration from the farmer. 

Rural Transport Forum CEO Nick Leggett discusses the new legislation here in a recent NZME interview