New rules for NAIT tag management

Date 8 October 2020

What is changing?

New legislation around the use of NAIT tags is being introduced. From December 14, PICAs (persons in charge of animals) will only be able to use NAIT tags at the specific NAIT location number they were issued for. PICAs should avoid stockpiling tags if they intend to move farms in the future.

Why is this necessary?

The new rules are expected to strengthen on-farm biosecurity and assist with the tracing of animals that have not been properly registered. It also brings New Zealand in line with international best practices for animal traceability.

What should I do with my current tags?

If you are moving, use up your tags or leave them behind for the incoming PICA to use at that NAIT location. If you aren’t planning to move soon, you can continue to use up your old tags, even after 14 December 2020.

I have multiple NAIT locations, what does this mean for me?

Large farming operations will need to purchase tags specific to each NAIT location they have. You can no longer tag animals with tags assigned to a different NAIT location number.

I use birth ID tags (dairy participant code tags), what should I do?

OSPRI can transfer your birth ID tags or unassigned NAIT tags to a NAIT location number. Call the OSPRI Contact Centre to discuss your tag management options.

What is OSPRI doing to help farmers with new tag management rules?

OSPRI will be soon notifying farmers (by letter) who are likely to be most affected by the changes. Otherwise, when farmers try to incorrectly assign their tags in the NAIT system they will be greeted with a ‘pop up’ message advising them not to manage NAIT tags this way.

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