NAIT upgrade to improve accuracy of livestock movements

Date 26 September 2019

What is changing?

We have recently made an important change to the NAIT system to prevent incorrect animal movements being recorded.

You can no longer record a movement for an animal that has been recorded as dead. This development is vital to protect the integrity of livestock movement information.

Who does this affect?

All PICAs, Saleyards, Information Providers, and third-party software providers.

What is the impact?

  • A movement will fail if an animal has a status of ‘dead’ in the NAIT online system. If the animal was declared dead in error at the location it is being moved from, the PICA can undo the death record to update it to ‘alive’.
  • If the animal was declared ‘dead’ at another location, the PICA will need to contact the OSPRI contact centre to have the animal status changed.
  • Backdated movements that pre-date the recorded date of death will not be impacted.

Why are we making these changes?

To improve the accuracy of the NAIT database. This helps MPI identify the source and potential spread of disease during an incursion.

How do PICAs prevent/fix errors?

We understand that sometimes the wrong animal is declared dead in NAIT. As a result of the NAIT system upgrade, you will now need to change the animal’s status to ‘alive’ before you can record a movement.

Click here for more information or to update dead animals in your account