NAIT upgrade to assist farmers

Date 6 December 2018

The NAIT online system is set to be enhanced following the development of an interactive map which will help users accurately define a NAIT location.

The development utilises Land Information New Zealand’s (LINZ) parcel data as the primary building block of NAIT’s Farm Location information. The system upgrade is scheduled for early 2019.

This improvement was a recommendation of the NAIT Review and is expected to address farmer and industry uncertainty around assigning a farm location in the NAIT system and whether it meets the “10km rule” criteria.

“We are aware this has caused much frustration and irritation for farmers when they’ve attempted to register their farm locations in NAIT. The interactive map will be more self-explanatory and less confusing for NAIT users who have found the 10km rule challenging to interpret.

“This is an important step for the NAIT programme and will allow NAIT and its partners to trace movements and future livestock disease outbreaks with more accuracy,” says Head of Traceability Kevin Forward.

The system upgrade also includes a new registration form to capture other key details.

“In the new registration form there are additional fields for specific information around animals held at the property. This will have benefits for our traceability capability and biosecurity readiness and response.

“Effective livestock traceability relies on accurate information about animals and their location. It also can inform decision-making around managing and controlling a biosecurity incursion,” says Mr Forward.

Information on how to complete the new registration process will be sent to NAIT users in January 2019.