NAIT system upgrade - new email notification for PICAs

Date 22 November 2019

What is changing?

We have recently made an important change to the NAIT system. From 24 November people in charge of animals (PICAs) will receive an email notification when an animal is removed from their NAIT account.
Note: NAIT users that have set their preferences to receive only essential notifications will not receive this email

What does it mean?

The new email notification will prompt the PICA to:
• Record any missing movements for animals sent from their NAIT location
• Alert OSPRI to potential errors with livestock movements

Why are we making these changes?

OSPRI has listened to farmers, industry and stakeholders and is focused on building greater trust and confidence in the NAIT system. In the event of a disease outbreak it’s important to know where animals are and have been throughout their lifetime, and to identify if they’ve been exposed to disease. It is a legal requirement for a PICA to record all animal movements within 48 hours.

NAIT release v33

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