NAIT standards consultation opens

Date 19 February 2019

OSPRI has invited the primary industry’s supply chain, livestock tag manufacturers and NAIT users to get involved in the NAIT standards consultation which opens today.

Three standards are being revised to ensure the NAIT system is fit for purpose with NAIT Ltd fulfilling its obligations following the outcome of the NAIT review.

The standards affect NAIT device manufacturers, accredited entities, and information providers that undertake services to manage NAIT accounts on behalf of farmers.

Two technical guidelines are also proposed relating to the manufacture and performance of NAIT devices such as RFID tags.

Head of NAIT Kevin Forward says the consultation ensures that industry has an opportunity to comment on the revised standards before they are finalised and come into effect.

“From feedback received from farmers and the wider industry during the NAIT review and lessons learned from the Mycoplasma bovis response, there is a need to update the NAIT standards and guidelines.

“We believe this approach is in the best interests of the entire industry and will address a number of issues with the way the current NAIT scheme operates,” says Mr Forward.

The consultation which is being managed by OSPRI runs for six weeks and closes March 29.

The standards propose more targeted performance and monitoring of third-party providers who assist farmers with their NAIT accounts.

This will mean greater accountability around livestock data transfer and privacy with formal contracts, regular audits, and a renewal of accreditation every three years.

Device manufacturers will also have to be accredited and required to produce guides and information resources on best industry practice for NAIT tag application and replacement, with NAIT to establish a tag retention reporting process.

“Tag retention and readability is vital to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the NAIT online system, and these proposals meet the NAIT review recommendations. Our intention is to strengthen and enhance the current NAIT system and devices, so they align with international standards.

“NAIT best practice is not just the sole responsibility of farmers, NAIT Ltd and the wider supply chain have a role to play too. We look forward to hearing from those third-party providers and tag manufacturers who have a key role in assisting farmers to engage efficiently with NAIT,” says Mr Forward.

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