OSPRI extending NAIT reporting timeframes

Date 27 March 2020

OSPRI is advising farmers to stay focused on their NAIT obligations during the current Covid 19 emergency.

To help farmers meet their obligations in these exceptional circumstances, the timeframe for declaring livestock movements is to be extended.

This means:

  • Farmers are obligated to declare movements of NAIT animals within five business days until the end of the current state of emergency - this is extended from 48 hours

  • Farmers are obligated to report death or loss of NAIT animals within five days until the end of the current state of emergency - this is extended from 48 hours

This timeframe will continue until the State of National Emergency is lifted.

Autumn calving? 

OSPRI is aware that some meat processing plants are working at reduced capacity due to Covid 19.

This situation creates a difficult situation for farmers and their decision-making around managing calves.

Farmers who are no longer moving bobby calves to the works are advised that all animals being moved and traded - must be tagged and then registered in the NAIT online system first.

This is your legal responsibility and is critical for lifetime animal traceability and disease management.

It is also essential that all calves movements between farms are recorded in NAIT by both the sending farmer and receiving farmer.

Farmers who use an information provider to look after their livestock management accounts, should check with them that all calves have been registered and any movements are being recorded in NAIT.

Follow the OSPRI Facebook page and website for updates or advice on how to meet your NAIT obligations during the Covid 19 emergency.

You can also call the OSPRI Contact Centre (0800 482 463) for help or advice.

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