NAIT reporting extension for Tasman fire affected areas

Date 14 February 2019

Due to the recent fires in the Nelson/Tasman region an extension has been applied to the NAIT reporting timeframes for Persons in change of animals (PICAs) in affected areas. Key questions and answers are outlined below.

What is the purpose of the extension of the reporting timeframes?

The extension of the reporting timeframes for PICAs affected by the Nelson/Tasman fires ensures that PICAs are able to meet their reporting obligations under the NAIT Act and Regulations, taking into consideration the disruption caused by the fires and state of local emergency.

Who is eligible for the extension?
Only PICAs with NAIT animals located in the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management Group area affected by the Nelson Tasman (Pigeon Valley) fire.

What are the alternative time limits?
PICAs must declare animal movements to the NAIT organisation within 7 days of the cessation of the state of local emergency.

How do I get help?
OSPRI’s NAIT extension team staff can provide practical assistance to help farmers affected by the fire to meet their NAIT obligations during the recovery phase.

If you need help, please contact our Christchurch based extension team on (03) 363 3090.