NAIT online system moving to a cloud-based application


The NAIT application is to be migrated from a server based to a cloud based application. There is no change to current functionality. All existing security protocols will be retained. OSPRI has engaged with an external organisation to conduct Security Penetration testing to ensure that the migrated cloud based solution is secure for our use.

This migration is part of the Information Technology Roadmap to move all our applications to newer, robust, secure and cost effective technologies.

When: Sunday, 11 November, 9am-3pm

NAIT will be unavailable during the outage hours. eASD users and meat processors will not be able to submit cattle eASDs during the outage period. This is because eASD calls the NAIT number enquiry to validate NAIT numbers for cattle eASDs, which will be inaccessible during the outage. Deer and sheep eASDs will still be able to be submitted and edited. Otherwise, there is no impact to the DMS or VectorNet.

If you experience any issues following the migration, for internal issues:
Phone: +64 4 890 9494
Toll Free number: 0800 432 104

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