NAIT legislation changes

Date 11 December 2019

The Government has introduced more changes to NAIT legislation. These developments follow recommendations made in the 2018 NAIT Review and feedback from farmers and industry.

The changes are necessary to ensure our national animal traceability system is fit for purpose.

What is changing?

  • Changes to ‘impracticable to tag’ exemption (ITT)

The exemption has been renamed ‘unsafe to tag’ (UTT) with PICAs now required to formally declare an animal is not safe to tag before sending off-farm. To ensure you are meeting your NAIT obligations, farmers and PICAs must call the OSPRI Contact Centre to request a UTT exemption – before sending animals to the works.

More information on UTT here

Note: Animals sent to the works with a UTT exemption need to be visually identifiable. It is recommended farmers spray the back of an animal before sending to the works.

  •  Buyers and sellers of NAIT animals have access to an animal’s location history

Farmers and PICAs trading animals will now be able to see an animal’s location history prior to sale. NAIT Limited will provide a report so both parties can view the history directly.

Our guide to view an animal's location history can be found on this new webpage 

  • Stiffer penalties for NAIT non-compliance

All farmers and PICAs are advised infringement fees for NAIT non-compliance have increased to $400 for each offence. Not registering as a PICA will incur a penalty of $800. 

If you need help or advice with meeting your NAIT obligations, please call the OSPRI Contact Centre - 0800 482 463. 

Please click here to read about the NAIT Amendment Bill.

Listen to Kevin Forward discuss the NAIT legislation changes on The Country Radio Show

OSPRI will keep farmers and PICAs informed of future regulatory and operational changes in the new year.