Moving farm or herd? Call OSPRI first

Date 5 May 2020

OSPRI is supporting farmers changing addresses this Moving Day.

The disease management and traceability company is urging sharemilkers moving farm and herds to call the OSPRI contact centre to ensure their NAIT account and TBfree herd records are up to date before they move.

This is essential for on-farm biosecurity and supports current livestock disease management responses.

OSPRI has been working alongside the dairy industry, Federated Farmers, and MPI to ensure farmers are suitably informed of their NAIT obligations during the Covid-19 national emergency.

“We acknowledge this a challenging time for dairy farmers given the restrictions around social distancing and travel.  To help minimise the load on farmers moving farm or herd, OSPRI has produced a Moving Day guide.

“This has been circulated to the wider industry and can be downloaded from the OSPRI website,” says Head of NAIT Kevin Forward.

As the case every year, if moving animals to a new farm or a grazing block, farmers are required to record and confirm all livestock movements in the NAIT online system.

“This is vital for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the NAIT system. We’ve made some great progress with farmers now more engaged with their NAIT obligations and recording movements accurately and in a timely manner.

“We expect farmers will want to keep building on this and make animal traceability a priority for their on-farm biosecurity,” says Mr Forward.

OSPRI also recommends that farmers complete a livestock transporter declaration (paper or eASD) if requested by their transporter.  This follows the introduction of new legislation related to the transportation of animals.

Farmers should ensure all animals are tagged and registered in NAIT. If animals are unsafe to tag, they can only be moved to a meat processor and not your new farm.

“Please remember that unsafe to tag animals [UTT] must be visibly marked and you’ll need to complete an unsafe to tag declaration and provide that to the transporter before the animals are loaded on the truck,” says Mr Forward.

Moving Day checklist

OSPRI extension manager Danny Templeman discusses moving day tips in NZME interview