Mount Cargill possum control operation

Date 15 September 2016

A possum control operation is due to start in the Mount Cargill area in this month.

The operation is part of the TBfree programme, managed by OSPRI, which includes the monitoring and TB testing of herds, pest management, controls on the movement of deer and cattle in the area, research and survey operations. Possums are the main carrier of bovine TB to cattle and deer.

Bovine TB was discovered in farmed cattle and deer in the region in the last 12 months. In order to monitor and stop its spread, contractors will be using traps and poison to control possums and ferrets in the area. Landowners will be contacted directly if work is required on their properties.

Before the operation begins, signs will be displayed at public access points in the area. Although all poison usage protocols are followed to make the operation as safe as possible, please be mindful to keep pets away from traps.

If you walk a dog in the area, please consider an alternative route during the operation, or keep your dog on a leash. Normal activities can resume once the operation is complete and the signs are officially removed.

OSPRI regrets any inconvenience to people in the area but remains committed to stopping the spread of bovine TB and eradication from deer and cattle in all parts of New Zealand by 2055.

Anyone wanting more information can contact OSPRI’s Dunedin office on 03 477 9829 or visit for the latest factsheet.

Further information:
Nikki Penno
Programme Extension Officer
03 955 5850
027 265 1404


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