June Edition 2019

Date 26 June 2019

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I was fortunate enough to attend the National Fieldays recently and encouraged to see so many farmers engaging with the OSPRI team to update their NAIT accounts. I really enjoyed having a yarn to all visitors who passed through our stand about the importance of traceability and disease management.

With this in mind, I want to thank the farmers who have updated their NAIT accounts following the system upgrade in February. Good progress has been made so far with over 36,000 accounts updated.

I appreciate for some NAIT users this has been a frustrating time, as you may have been unable to get the support you need from our contact centre.

We have been working to address these issues and over the past month have been actively recruiting new staff to double contact centre numbers.

As a result, the OSPRI Contact Centre has extended hours, open to 8pm on weekdays and on Saturdays from 9am-1pm until further notice.

These changes are already making a difference, with service levels improving and waiting times reducing. Another key change starting this week is the transfer of all our TB testing calls to the AsureQuality contact centre (open 8am-5pm). This should further reduce the impact on our team and improve their ability to respond to farmers requesting help.

We are committed to ensuring you receive the help you need with TBfree or NAIT, and this remains our focus.

On behalf of all the team at OSPRI, I thank you for your patience.

Stephen Stuart


CEO Stephen Stuart

OSPRI team reports bumper Fieldays

Thanks to all the farmers who visited our site this year. It was especially busy with farmers updating their NAIT accounts. The 12 strong OSPRI team was joined by the Chief Executive Stephen Stuart and OSPRI Board members throughout the event.

While the annual scanner prize draw was popular, another attraction was the new prototype of the NAIT online system. This generated plenty of interest and feedback from curious farmers, some of whom give the thumbs up after trialling the system onsite.

Check out our Fieldays compilation video and images here.

TBfree progress in mainland

Southland dairy farmer Kelvin Brock recalls when the Hokonui Hills in Southland were riddled with TB-infected possums, "They were stumbling out of the bush like a bunch of drunks", he says. Now, after years of ground and aerial possum control, the Hokonuis and surrounding farmland is a showcase for the success of the TB eradication programme.

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TBfree possum control operations underway

OSPRI has 11 aerial 1080 operations planned this year to get bovine TB out of wildlife. The ops focus is on rugged territory where ground-based possum control is impractical. Keep an eye on OSPRI's TBfree Operations Status Table here.

Evil possum

TBfree programme on track

OSPRI's TBfree programme aims to eradicate bovine TB from New Zealand by 2055, with key milestones of TB eradication from cattle and deer by 2026 and from possums by 2040. While we are making great progress and on track to realise these targets, it is important to maintain the momentum. Check out the latest situation in your region with the online Disease Control Map here.

Stay on top of livestock management

OSPRI has introduced a new feature in the NAIT system which enables farmers or PICAs to upload a file with RFID tag numbers of NAIT tags which have been scanned on live animals at your farm or NAIT location. The 'compliance summary' functions returns a result for each NAIT tag based on its status at that time. This new feature replaces the previous "stocktake" function.

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Meet OSPRI contact centre staff

This month we talk to Laura Ryan who helps deer farmers with their NAIT and TBfree enquiries. Laura is also involved with coordinating and planning NAIT events with the OSPRI Extension team and says she enjoys farmer engagement and helping those who are less computer savvy.

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Laura R CC Photo 002

Laura Ryan

South Island Dairy Event (SIDE)

Didn't make it to Fieldays? OSPRI is at SIDE to help with your NAIT account or advice with your TB requirements. Come and see us for on the spot education, support or assistance.

Date: 25-26 June 2019

Location: ILT Stadium Southland

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