June 2020 edition

Date 3 June 2020

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Traceability - the benchmark for disease management


Head of NAIT Kevin Forward says lifetime animal traceability will underpin New Zealand agriculture’s sustainability. Read more

Rules change for transportation of animals 

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From June 14, ASD forms will have a new livestock transporter declaration section at the bottom of the page. Your transporter may choose not to move your animals without this declaration confirming all animals are tagged and registered.

Download an editable ASD form or livestock declaration form from our website.


Join your local OSPRI committee 

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Are you passionate about the value of disease management and animal traceability? The OSPRI Committees’ AGM season swings into action during June, if you would like to get involved or find out more click here

Are you paying the correct slaughter levy?


Rearing calves to finish as beef animals? Remember to change the animal production type from ‘Dairy’ to ‘Beef’ in NAIT as Bay of Plenty farmer Rick Powdrell demonstrates in this short video

Final check for Moving Day

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OSPRI Extension Manager Danny Templeman provides some NAIT tips and advice for moving day farmers in an NZME interview. 

Listen here

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