July 2020 edition

Date 29 June 2020

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 Support lifetime traceability this calving season

Nick Bertram2

Tararua farmer Nick Bertram is preparing to welcome newborn calves from mid-July.  He uses the MINDA LIVE app to transfer the animal’s tag number and registration into NAIT- this ensures his calves have lifetime traceability. 

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NAIT tips for calving

Calving pic

OSPRI has a dedicated calving webpage for all you need to know for meeting your NAIT obligations.  

NAIT tips for calving guide

Aerial operations targets possums 

OSPRI news HB aerial ops

The rugged Central North Island high country near the Napier-Taupo Road was treated with an aerial 1080 operation last month. The 30,000-hectare operation reduced possum numbers with more North Island operations planned for this winter

Winter tips for stock safety

Cows in rain

Animals need careful management in winter. The Winter Grazing Action Group (WGAG) is calling on farmers and graziers to work together to reduce the risks to stock.

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Support biosecurity - declare all your animals on-farm

non NAIT animals dec screenshot.JPG

Do you have pigs, goats and sheep? It is now your legal obligation to declare all non-NAIT animals on-farm and provide an estimate of the number every year.

Here is a quick guide on how to do this                          FAQs                                             

Who is managing the animals on your farm?

PICA delegate pic 1

If you’ve recently introduced new staff on-farm and need them to access your NAIT account here is a guide on how to do this. Remember, the person in charge of animals (PICA) at the NAIT location still has primary responsibility for ensuring the NAIT account is up to date.

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OSPRI committees support farmer interests

Andrew Stewart and son George2

West Coast dairy farmer Andrew Stewart has never looked back since joining his local Committee six years ago. He's involved in tackling industry issues while influencing the powerbrokers in Wellington.

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