It’s important farmers and industry have their say on TB Plan proposal

Date 23 June 2016

The future of the TB control in New Zealand is in the hands of farmers and other key stakeholders with the TB Plan proposal from the Plan Governance Group now open for consultation.

Michelle Edge, Chief Executive of OSPRI, says ‘The proposed changes to the TBfree programme would have a positive impact on the future of TB control, with consultation being very important to ensure the best possible changes are made. The proposed changes would have a big impact on our pest control work across New Zealand and disease testing we currently undertake on farms. It is important farmers and other industry participants understand the proposal and have their say.’

An independent Plan Governance Group (PGG) – comprising representatives from the dairy, beef and deer industries, Government, OSPRI and its Stakeholders’ Council – has been reviewing the TB Plan over the past few months. The work included examining a wide range of policy issues, along with independent science review.

Miss Edge says, ‘Our initial view on the proposal is positive, recognising it is expected to achieve eradication more quickly than the current Plan and at a lower cost. This is good news for farmers. The proposal is expected to see all herds clear of TB by 2026 with full eradication of the disease from New Zealand by 2055.’

The potential changes represent an evolution in OSPRI’s approach to TB control and reflect the positive steps taken by all involved to control the disease, including eradication in some areas. NAIT is also new since the last Plan review, and is already helping TB control with the ability to further assist ahead. With the ability to eradicate TB now proven, and significant improvements in data quality, surveillance and control techniques, the Plan can now move to an eradication goal.

Miss Edge says, ‘Over the next few weeks we, like other parties, will be carefully reviewing the proposal and talking with key stakeholders to ensure we make a detailed and considered submission.’

During June and July, the PGG is holding workshops in around 30 locations throughout New Zealand where the details of the proposal can be discussed, and people’s questions and comments on the proposal will be welcomed. Consultation ends on 31 July.

For more information about the TB plan consultation and how to make a submission, see the TB Plan review website. This is where you can find information about consultation workshops and other supporting information.


Oliver Bates
Senior Communications Advisor
027 705 4995

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