Investigation underway as bovine TB found in Mount Cargill herds

Date 4 December 2015

OSPRI’s TBfree programme is working to determine the cause of a bovine tuberculosis (TB) infection in a number of Mount Cargill herds.

Slaughter and routine TB testing has identified three TB infected herds in the area.

As well as investigating the source of the infection, OSPRI is taking immediate action to manage and control the disease on the properties.

South Island Relationships Manager Danny Templeman said all possible sources of the disease are being explored.

“At this point we are gathering further information on the herd and the disease status of wildlife surrounding the properties.”

An initial possum control operation is due to commence next week and the public are asked to heed warning signs if in the area. The operation will recover possum carcasses for necropsy and will help to determine the source of the disease.

“We are aware the control programme may be an inconvenience to members of the public who use the recreational area within the survey zone however it is important that we get the possum surveillance completed quickly to provide information to the herd owners in the area,” said Mr Templeman.

OSPRI is also introducing further measures to reduce the risk to cattle and deer herds in the area.

TBfree Otago Committee Chair Ross Wilson said an infected herd places added stress on the owner, with financial costs and disruptions to their farm management routines, often for a year or more while the disease is eliminated from their herd.

“It is never pleasant to find TB in your herd and this case is a reminder that the disease still poses a threat to farmed cattle and deer in the region,” said Mr Wilson.

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